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I am a Virtual Management Consultant and a Business “Opportunities-Omnivore”!

My focus is to unlock Business Growth, Innovate and generate Profit.


By searching for Business Opportunities with Purpose that promote Innovation and Social Positive Impact, and making it happen.

…Doing Good makes Business Sense too.

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Business “Opportunities-Omnivore.

I find and develop Opportunities to turn your “for-Profit” into a “for-Benefits” Business… Yes, doing Good makes Business Sense too.

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What is my Focus?

…is the Business Opportunities-Omnivore,
globetrotting to bridge, decentralize and improve society through purpose-driven business, and new and ancient technologies.

It is a decentralized project founded by me, Giulia, a recovered corporate Management Consultant who believes technology is to be used to further develop society and humanity’s consciousness and that greater returns can be achieved when the pursuit of profit and purpose co-exist in business.

 The Opportunivore has a home-base in San Francisco, California and travels the world on behalf of her clients connecting purpose driven business opportunities and likeminded partners to make it happen, generating profit while also generating ethical and socially positive impact.

The amount of good we can do is limited by our wisdom.

The Paradigm of Business has changed, challenging for-profit companies to shift into for-benefits, thus using Business as a Force for Good.

``Doing Good makes Business Sense too``

Your business Opportunities-Omnivore. Your extension in the world.
A Silicon Valley-based, flexible and plug&play advisor, globetrotting and bridging countries to make your ideas happen, and proactively enhancing your business through technology, while regenerating our precious society. All backed by a worldwide network of Opportunivores, a scalable business approach and a holistic mindset.

My Focus:
To unlock and accelerate business growth, innovate and generate profit both for your business and society.

By searching for business opportunities that promote innovation and social positive impact, and supporting clients in the identification and implementation of the strategies, digital technologies and networking to make it happen.

Busy entrepreneurs needing an extra right arm to get things done, without the hassle of hiring full time or temporary staff.
Individuals, startups and companies wanting to accelerate growth, innovate and achieve wholeness, by connecting with their transformative purpose and so generating through business a Positive Impact within themselves, their organisations and society.

I believe business to be the most powerful global driving force shaping nowadays world and decentralization and transformative purpose to be two of the unseen ingredients driving the inner growth of organizations, as well as of individuals. A well-defined purpose, combined with the ability of catching the right opportunities for growth, can enable a business to thrive, while generating positive impact.


What is my Story?
My Life in short


Born in Italy, I left home at an early age and after the IBDP graduation in Cambridge (UK) and the graduation in Business Management in London (UK), I spent almost a decade in a very traditional Management Consulting firm, working my way up to Senior Consultant and Equity Partner.

What i do today

The Opportunivore. I support entrepreneurs to cross borders, decentralize their businesses, and to use knowledge and technology for good, with the goal of improving performance and innovate, while generating social positive impact. 

Technologies. regard Blockchain as the decentralized platform enabling information exchange / the interconnected network of AIs as the autonomous learning meta-mind seamlessly optimizing existing systems and VR/AR as a final layer augmenting our ability to visualize and experience information. 

Globetrotting. I believe valuable opportunities are generated by diversity and uncovered by a combination of intuition, openness and synchronicity. I am a therefore a traveler, a Digital Nomad who has been connecting with special humans and their projects in more than 40 countries.

B Corp. As B Impact Manager, I support for-profit companies and startups to evolve into “for-benefit”, by assessing, measuring and improving their impact on all stakeholders, and preparing them to qualify for the “B Corp” certification and “Benefit Corporation” status.

Standard Ethics. I am in the team of the first independent European Sustainability Reporting and Rating Company, based in London and Brussels. We promote Corporate Ethics, CSR, Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), and Corporate Governance, according to the principles of the UN, OECD and EU.

Writing. Innovation ambassador and decentralization advocate, I write for Italian blogs and magazines on: Innovation, Technology, New Business Models, Retail and New Styles of Life&Work.


What can I do for You?


What is my Approach?
Nomad Working

My Approach

Passion and Enthusiasm. I just truly love what I do.

Tri-Lingual. English, Spanish and Italian.

Competence. I am young enough to be a native digital and old enough to having gathered relevant on-the-field experience, necessary to forge you as a strong standing professional…and individual.

New Technologies and Trends. I am an enthusiastic adopter of new technologies, especially digital.I am passionate about Blockchain and new Immersive Tech – Virtual / Augmented / Mixed Reality (VR/AR/MR). I keep myself constantly updated. I test apps and websites on user friendliness. I write about it.

Digital Nomadism. I am a professional globetrotter having been in more than 40 countries. Thanks to the internet and a good selection of avant-garde digital tools, I am able to work and live seamlessly, assisting my clients from anywhere we believe to be better. Traveling enriches the mind and nourishes curiosity, enabling me to think out of the box…or no boxes at all.

Aerial View/Hands On. I am a pragmatist. I like to take the “aerial view” of any projects I am involved in, as to combine the bigger picture vision with a “hands on” approach, backed by technical skills.

Networking. I enjoy interlinking the business information I acquire with the aim of fostering the creation of new business opportunities and collaborations. I consider myself a citizen of the world and I am connected with it, and so is my outlook on life and on work.

Babble-free Solutions. I like results, I like meaning. I don’t like frills.


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